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Few simple steps to deploy application using Capistrano

Deployment looks much easier than commonly thought.
We agree on the fact that you have already configured SSH access to your hosting server.
  • go to the hosting via the console via ssh.
  • create a git repository that is a folder:
    $ mkdir mygitfolder.git
  • go to the folder mygitfolder.git:
    $ cd mygitfolder.git
  • initialize the folder as a pure repository
    $ git --bare init
  • in the local working directory you need to add in the git url of the repository that would then upload it to this url:
    $ git remote add origin
  • next you need to upload the local working directory with the app in a folder on the server:
    $ git push origin master
  • you can then use capostrano for deployment:
    $ cap production deploy
That's about it. it usually looks directly prepare and uploading applications to the repository on the hosting.