Web Development

Hello. You are on the website of CocoaRocket web-studio.

CocoaRocket web Studio offers you a simple and reliable solution for your web application.
We approach their work responsibly and carefully.
Work closely with my clients to clarify all the details and nuances.

In self tasks we are using widely known tool for web development Ruby on Rails and Boostrap frameworks.

Ruby on Rails is powerful and reliable tool for web development. Has the ability to quickly develop and deploy applications.

Popular social network Twitter was created on Ruby on Rails.

Bootstrap is a great library of CSS3, HTML templates and jQuery tools from the company twitter inc.

If you need a website then you need to contact us.
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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails — a framework written in the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails provides an architectural model Model-View-Controller (model-view-controller) for web applications and ensures their integration with the web server and the database server.


Twitter Bootstrap — a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. Includes HTML and CSS design templates for typography, web forms, buttons, labels, navigation units and other components of web interfaces, including JavaScript extensions.